New Career

I need a new career where I don’t feel that the extra work, time and effort I put in go for naught.  I’m going to look into a Computer Science Degree, and maybe something else.  I would like to learn a trade while I’m at it.  Welding, Auto maintenance, finish carpentry – something where I work with my hands.  Who knows, I just need a change.  Retail has only helped me accomplish a few things for me over the course of 13 years.


I don’t

I started this site because I have great ideas, sometimes.  It has become more evident that I do not always have good or any ideas at all.  I think I will keep this blog as I like the set up and forum.  Keep your eyes peeled, or don’t, whatever.

Georgia and Australia, A Lesson

Remember when we countries used to have prison states?  Like we had Georgia and the Brit’s had Australia.  I don’t either, but it seems like it would be a sound concept.  To me at least.  Think about it.  1.  We wouldn’t have to feed them, they would be on their own for that.  Presumably some farmers commit crimes too right?  2.  They would weed themselves out for us.  I’m not a supporter of murder, but I know it happens and statistically there is no way ever to get 100% murder free places.  Its gonna happen eventually.  3.  No one will ever say anything about a “Bad” side of town again because their town is not a prison town.  I’m just saying maybe we should bring that back.  Then agan, maybe its just me…

Buy a House of Mine Own

I’ve decided (by I, I mean the proverbial we) to purchase a house.  I am (we are) currently looking for an agent in Seattle who will get us an awesome house in a great location at a price we can’t refuse (i.e. cheap).  Central district if you really want to know.  Google will tell you where to look.


I was thinking the other day of how I could do my own thing, but actually make money at it.  Painting is a great joy and super fun, but in reality most painters need a full-time job to actually support themselves and a family.  I’ve also considered opening my own retail store which I have no doubt that I could make profitable, I just don’t know if I could “pay” myself a decent enough salary to survive, let alone count on it staying stable.  I am also interested in computer programming.   I am currently working on a program for my MacBook Pro that’s more personal use than something I could share or sell.  Then I thought about the growing number of phone apps out there and thought if I could hit on something original I could make a bit of money and be my own boss.  That being said, it would be a long and up-hill battle without some training/schooling/help of some sort, so who knows.  You may see a BEahanART game or app in the next couple of years.  You will then feel obliged to purchase it too I’m assuming…

Open my own store, and then sell things there

I want to run my own business.  But I also want to make money.  So retail probably isn’t my best idea, but it does sound fun.  I want to open, are you ready?, a comic/gaming(d&d/Magic/those other ones)/gaming(video?)/gaming(board?)/printing press(for comics and, you know, art stuff)/t-shirt shop(’cause people like making shirts right?)/classroom/bookstore/art studio.  I mean to make any real money you have to run a hybrid store.  I mean, B&N is 1/3 Books, 1/3 board games, and 1/3 tablet store now.  You might say they were looking to get out of the actual book business.  The other stuff, though, is what keeps you afloat.  What about the classroom you ask?  , or someone way more talented than I, would run workshops on how to create comics, inking, drawing, writing workshops, etc.  Also it would double as a game room for magic tournaments and whatnot.  The shop would also be an independent publisher of new comic books, with myself as CEO and Editor-in-Chief.  It could work.  I will get back to you on that.

Actually Sell Artwork

So much artwork I do is labeled as either practice or for someone else.  I think its about time I started selling those For Someone Else paintings I keep doing.  Right after I finish this one.  That includes birthdays too.  Yep, you’ll have to pay for your birthday present from me if you want a painting.  There’ll be a nice discount though.  A man’s gota eat ya know.

I Mean, Enough Already

We are all on the same continent.  We should be one giant nation.  We could have the healthcare from Canada.  The work ethic of Mexico Central America(the working harder for you money and the take a nap in the afternoon ethics specifically).  Then we’d only have to worry about is Russia, and you know, the other side of the Panama Canal.

American Motor Company

I’ve been thinking (obviously, its taken a month+ to write a new blog).  I or someone should bring back AMC.  Then run it like all those Asian and German (possibly the swedish) car companies.  No Unions (I’m not really apologizing for that one, I think for the most part unions are outdated and cause more harm than good but thats another blog).  All manufacturing and production is done in the US.  Dealers can only order/sell automobiles from the strategically located production facility nearest them.  They would also focus primarily on renewable resources as fuels and work with the government to ensure that owners would have easy access to said renewable fuel(s).  Its like if Apple started a car company.  Only without the overseas manufacturing, but you get the idea.  (I apologize for all the parentheses).

Possibly Cheating

Not that I would actually do this, but I am trying.  Write a program that will open my interwebs browser and do searches for me to rack up points so I can then get more Microsoft points for free.  Then I’d use those points on new games and DLC.  All I need to do is learn Objective-C.  So yeah, it’d be a little like cheating.  And hard too, when really if I wasn’t so cheap I’d just buy them.

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